Margot Community

Margot Community, now in its beta phase, is a new organization doing the important work of connecting women and gender-marginalized individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and career stages to qualified mentors.

UPDATE AS OF 3/18/22:
The session booking process mentioned below is currently on hold while Margot regroups and reboots. We’ll put back the hyperlink as soon as their system goes live again. 

If you are seeking a mentor in the content space, feel free to book a session (hyperlink temporarily disabled) with us through Margot. While Steyer’s leadership is committed to providing mentoring services for free, we respectand in fact applaud!Margot’s commitment to normalizing the practice of women charging for their time. The fees collected by Margot for any mentoring sessions with Steyer executives are all donated directly to Margot’s Give Back Program.

Image credit: Margot Community

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