Activate Human Centered Design

Our philosophy is built on the concept of actionable insights. We provide a comprehensive set of services to help our clients make informed decisions.


Too often, research produces a great deal of information without connecting it to critical decisions that need to be made. We work with you to plan field studies which deliver the insights which will help you and your team to act, enabling informed, sound choices.



Insights that truly improve an offering have to be considered in the context of three things: 1) the core needs of the customer, 2) feasibility, and 3) the goals of the business. While planning and executing field studies, we keep all three constraints squarely in view, and we continually work with all stakeholders to maintain alignment as needs, feasibility and goals change.



Our engagement does not end with the delivery of insights. We collaborate with our clients on the change management required to integrate insights into ongoing design, development, or marketing decisions.

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