We are making some headway on rebuilding our total number of available jobs after painful industry-wide cuts in both headcount and budget in late 2022. Those jobs are still paying roughly the same amount, and approximately the same number of our employees are working the number of hours they want to be. This update shows an increase from December in professional belonging among our employees and roughly the same percentage of employees ranking their professional contentment at a 4 or 5.

Our good jobs mission remains essential, and—arguably—more urgent than ever as generative AI changes the landscape of content creation with each passing day. More to come on that front as Steyer adapts to and explores this new territory. Thank you for following along on our journey, and as always, I am happy to speak with any of you about these numbers and/or our mission. You can reach me at kreilly@steyer.net.

Image credits:
Summary slides by Steyer Content
Photo by Joe Dudeck on Unsplash