Virtual Event

AI Chat: Ethan Mollick's new book, "Co-Intelligence: Living and Working with AI"

Whether you’ve read the book or just have a passing interest, join us for an insightful discussion of Ethan Mollick’s new book, Co-Intelligence: Living and Working with AI. This exciting event, to be led by one of our weekly AI-chat regulars, Leslie Phillips, will be a thoughtful discourse on the quickly evolving impact of AI on education, our lives, and our professions, no matter the industry. We will dissect Mollick’s thoughtful and thorough perspective on AI’s complexities, its uses, and of course, the ethics around its application.

Per ChatGPT, “the book insightfully delves into the symbiotic relationship between humans and AI – a subject close to my digital heart”.


Process note: This session is part of a series of monthly meetups that Steyer hosts. Some of these meetups are limited to Steyer employees; some are open to the public. The idea is simply to spend a bit of time together exchanging stories and ideas—to get to know one another better and to learn from one another.

Photo credit: Detail of The Fall, 1479 by Hugo van der Goes (oil on panel)

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