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Since our founding in the mid-nineties, we’ve been what’s now called a “remote-first” company: our business infrastructure and our daily workflows assume that team members are based at home, or in some other location of their choosing.

Over the years, we’ve thrived with a remote workforce for two main reasons:

1) Content is especially well suited to remote. Content work, and the business functions that support it, require a tremendous amount of concentration. Our tasks are typically best done in a quiet, stress-free environment that allows for long stretches of uninterrupted focus. Many of us are still waiting for our kids and dogs to get this memo, but even so, we’ve found that we’re more productive at home than in the various offices we’ve had from time to time.

2) Remote attracts high-caliber talent. The results-focused mentality engendered by remote-first teams is enormously attractive to the kinds of talent we aim to attract and retain. These are people who do want camaraderie and collaboration, but like those of us who’ve worked at Steyer for years, they don’t want anyone telling them how to live their lives or structure their days.

So, how does a remote-first company foster connection? In addition to the virtual water cooler that is our Slack, we get together every few weeks, and many of these gatherings are open not only to all Steyer team members but also to the broader content community. To learn about our upcoming events, contact:

  • Samantha LaBat ( who hosts an online meetup of various kinds every month
  • Kelsey Buchanan ( who spearheads in-person gatherings throughout the year, both in Seattle and in the Bay Area

Also, if you are a client or a potential client, and you are eager to put on your grown-up clothes and meet for coffee like in The Before Times, please contact our friendly business development professionals, Tony Batista ( and/or Jordyn Hatch ( They are energized by conversations with non-pixelated humans and would love to meet up wherever and whenever it’s convenient for you!

Photo by Steyer Content