Cognitive Bias Workshop with André Golard

One of the talented researchers Steyer has had the privilege to work with, Dr. André Golard, recently published a fascinating and concise book, A Field Guide to Thinking Errors. The book is about the most common thinking errors, identifying them, understanding their sources, and correcting them. The book leverages neuroscience to classify errors. Once we have classes we can look to common solutions and common (positive) applications. The goal is to give you a language to discuss errors and tools to overcome them.

We hope you will join us for a workshop and discussion led by André on August 7th, at 1 pm. The workshop will start by exploring one of the error chapters that were shared with the group. How susceptible are you? There will be a interactive exercise! The second part will deal with classes of errors, identifying them, and processes to overcome them in the workplace and our personal lives.


A little more about André and his accomplishments:
André received a PhD in biology from New York University and an MBA from the University of Washington. He has published articles in The Journal of Neuroscience, The Journal of Neurophysiology, Neuroscience, and other peer-reviewed journals. He was a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Fellow at the Center for Neurobiology and Behavior at Columbia University, a Mellon Fellow in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics at the University of Washington, and an Assistant Member in the Department of Molecular Medicine at Northwest Hospital. His passion is to apply scientific knowledge and methods to business. He has been involved in brain-computer interface projects at Meta and Microsoft in the past few years. He is the author of A Field Guide to Thinking Errors (2021)


Photo Credit: André Golard

  • August 7th, 2024, 1:00pm PT
  • Zoom Conference