Virtual Event

Consultant Spotlight: Niem Tran

There are a lot of talented people at Steyer. Being a remote company means fewer water cooler chats and opportunities to meet people, so we’ve launched the Consultant Spotlight series as a way to strengthen connections and learn about the great people we work with.

Join us October 25th to hear Niem Tran’s amazing story.

Diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease in 2009, which progressed to stage 5 a short time later, hear Niem’s experience of going through dialysis, where life expectancy averages 5-10 years, to finally receiving a transplant from his close friend, Jason Garcia. During this time, Niem relied on art, including blogging and drawing, to document and process his health journey. Now, almost fifteen years later, Niem is thriving as a web producer and has published his first book, The Cat Who Ate The Moon, a children’s story that he illustrated.

Process note: This session is part of a series of monthly meetups that Steyer hosts. Some of these meetups are limited to Steyer employees; some are open to the public. The idea is simply to spend a bit of time together exchanging stories and ideas—to get to know one another better and to learn from one another.

Photo credit: Niem Tran.