Generational Differences in the Workplace: What's Missing from Most Discussions?

We came away from a recent webinar on generational differences in the workplace feeling that something important was missing from the presentation. It was as if all people of a certain generation want and need the same thing from Slack (it centered on Slack for the most part) when what we’ve seen is that generation is a factor but there are other factors too:

  • function (some roles lend themselves to more vs. fewer Slack interactions)
  • personality (especially the introversion-to-extroversion spectrum)
  • externalities (are you having a family crisis?)
  • etc. 

In this session, which will be facilitated by Steyer’s COO, Katelyn Reilly, we hope to gather for a more nuanced conversation.

Join us?

Process note: This session is part of a series of monthly meetups that Steyer hosts. Some of these meetups are limited to Steyer employees only; some are open to the public. The idea is simply to spend a bit of time together exchanging stories and ideas—to get to know one another better and to learn from one another.

Photo by Joel & Jasmin Førestbird on Unsplash

  • May 19th, 2022, 12pm PT
  • Zoom conference