Healing Trauma Through Design Thinking - Consultant Spotlight: Maeve Edstrom

Maeve Edstrom is a UX strategist with focus areas in product leadership, content strategy and systems design. As a consultant she has worked across various public and private sectors including education, transportation, tourism, and technology. Maeve uses design to uncover patterns, create links between disparate entities, and in her words, “make sense of the world in front of me”.

At this event Maeve will share her personal story of a traumatic postpartum experience and how she used design thinking methodologies to explore and define what happened, claim ownership of the experience, and ultimately found some closure.

We hope you will join us to hear Maeve’s story and learn how she used design thinking as a form of healing. We’ll conclude with a Q&A and an open discussion about how design methodologies might be used to benefit healthcare systems and services.

Warning: This discussion will involve conversation surrounding traumatic events.


Photo Cred: Maeve Edstrom