Resuming Soon—Likely in Early 2023

Recruiting Internship

UPDATE as of August 2022:
Feel free to connect at any time with our CEO Kate Walton ( to express interest in becoming a Steyer intern, but please also note: this program is currently on hold. We will resume hiring interns at some point in the coming months, but we are not currently hiring for any roles in our back office, and when we work with interns, we want the potential to convert to a full-time Steyer role to be a reasonable possibility. For now, the program description below, which was used for our first three interns, is being left up just as an FYI.

Do you really, REALLY want to break into content recruiting? If you have an eye for good content, and the confidence to speak with creative professionals, but you lack formal recruiting experience, we may have just the opportunity for you:

We’ve recently launched a 12-week recruiting internship, with 1-2 positions at any given time that are paid, part-time, flexible (in terms of hours), and fully remote. The precise plan for each intern depends on how they progress through the assignments and how much time they have to give to the program, but a rough outline is as follows:

Weeks 1-5

  • Learning the main content roles by reviewing sample job descriptions
  • Using basic sourcing tools and techniques to identify potential candidates

Weeks 6-10

  • Accessing a live ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and learning how to pipeline candidates and document searches
  • Additional sourcing, with a deeper focus on how to assess work samples/portfolios

Weeks 11-12

  • Sourcing for live searches and potentially interacting with active candidates
  • Practice writing formal “subs” (the submittals we use to present vetted candidates to clients)

To participate, you must be eligible to work in the U.S.

To apply, please email our CEO ( your resume and a cover note introducing yourself and explaining why you think a recruiting internship at a company like Steyer could be a good next step for you. The cover note does not have to be long, but it is essential, and we promise that every applicant will hear back within a week.

New interns can start at any time, so feel free to apply whenever a 10-20 hour per week commitment is feasible for you.

Photo by Hans-Peter Gauster on Unsplash