Virtual Workshop

Mental Health & Wellness in the Workplace

The content industry is experiencing real-time revolution from all sides, with generative AI tech rapidly changing the landscape, market pressures at high levels, and post-pandemic return-to-office initiatives reckoning with real gains made toward more accessible, flexible workplaces.   

You know what’s exhausting? Real-time revolution!   

Join us on Wednesday, August 23rd from 12:30-2:00 pm PT for presentations and discussion on mental health and wellbeing in today’s workplaces. We’ll be covering topics from embracing and accommodating neurodiversity to preventing burnout and beyond. Our panel of specialists will take a high-level and very pragmatic approach towards being and remaining mentally and emotionally well in times of high stress and radical change. 

In this workshop we’ll discuss: 

  • The role of neurodiversity in the workplace, why it’s important to embrace, and how we can better support ourselves and others
  • How to safeguard against burnout, and equally crucial, how to find a path forward when feeling the effects of workplace exhaustion
  • Protections, policies, and practices in place to help support wellness and work-life balance 

Our dedicated group of panelists includes:  

  • Dr. Ley David Elliette Cray, PhD, CSC, ABS (she/they), Founder, Transentience Coaching, LLC 
  • Shanté S. Gordon, Innergy Coach, Feel To Heal, LLC 
  • Sarah Meier, Consultant and Client Services Specialist, Steyer Content 
  • Katelyn Reilly, Chief Operating Officer, Steyer Content 

Process note: This session is part of a series of monthly meetups that Steyer hosts. Some of these meetups are limited to Steyer employees only; some are open to the public. The idea is simply to spend a bit of time together exchanging stories and ideas—to get to know one another better and to learn from one another.

  • This event has concluded.