Content Workshop

Finding Success as a Contractor

Whether you’re new to content or a seasoned pro, navigating the ins and outs of contracting can be difficult. In this workshop, you’ll learn the fundamental dynamics of successful contracting with practical steps to help support your career. Our panel of accomplished contractors shares various experiences navigating the content world, including essential tips and tricks that helped their journey.

Process note: This session is part of a series of monthly meetups that Steyer hosts. Some of these meetups are limited to Steyer employees only; some are open to the public. The idea is simply to spend a bit of time together exchanging stories and ideas—to get to know one another better and to learn from one another.

In this recorded session, you’ll hear:
  • Why someone would pursue a career as a content consultant
  • Better ways to manage interpersonal dynamics with clients and agencies
  • Best practices for giving and receiving feedback as a vendor
  • Tactics for bridging the gap between gigs

Our panel features four wildly talented content professionals with decades of consulting and FTE experience between them:

  • Karen Twelves, technical editor with experience at AWS, Microsoft, Evil Hat Productions, Uber, and UC Berkeley
  • Teresa Floreano Goertz, senior content strategist and technical writer with experience at Microsoft, Swedish Hospital, Peloton, and Jungle Scout
  • Rebecca Kerr, content designer and creative director with experience at Facebook, InVision, Selerant, and UpdateAI
  • Renee Malone, senior technical instructional designer with experience at Microsoft, the Department of Veteran Affairs, Center for the Education of Women, and the University of Michigan