Ouch! But Okay Let’s Talk.

Mar 27, 2024
Kate Walton

Hello from Steyer!

The thing about soliciting feedback, anonymous and not, is that some of it stings. A while ago we got something from a Steyer team member along the lines of:

“Why don’t you just focus on pay rates and benefits vs. vanity projects?”


My first reaction was to reach for the nearest interrobang: “vanity projects?!” What exactly are the vanity projects we are pursuing, despite having razor-thin margins?

  • This newsletter, which seeks to explain how we operate and what we’re thinking about?
  • Our appointment learning program, which aims to take some of the loneliness out of cultivating a growth mindset?
  • The meetups we host once a month or so to get to know one another as human beings?

My second reaction was to think, “Mmm...maybe we need to explain the role that culture plays at a company like Steyer? Maybe the hard-nosed business benefits of nurturing a distinctive company culture are not well understood?”

So, here goes: a culture that focuses on maximum personal latitude + communication + learning + belonging (to different degrees and in different ways, depending on your role and preferences) helps attract the best talent...and the best talent is what we need to lock down revenue...and locking down revenue is the key—literally the only key I’ve ever found!—to raising pay rates and expanding benefits. That makes sense, right?

If you disagree and work at Steyer, PLEASE attend our upcoming All Hands this Thursday, March 28th (tomorrow) from 1-2pm PT. Katelyn and Tony will be there, sharing their vision for the future, and they will be all ears as you share your thoughts and concerns. (If speaking in groups is not your thing, feel free to email them (kreilly@steyer.net and/or tbatista@steyer.net or send them anonymous questions or comments in advance.)

If you disagree and don’t work at Steyer, I’d still love to hear your perspective! Write to me or sign up to chat on any Thursday morning.

...and if you fundamentally agree but still want to give us a piece of your mind about somethinghave at it! We learn from every interaction and, while we might argue back, we do love it when you engage.


Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash