The Post It No Longer Made Sense to Send

May 25, 2022
Kate Walton

Hello from Steyer.

This installment of Workings comes from the past—Saturday, May 21st, to be precise. I’m writing as I fly to a massive family reunion in France, an event for which I want to be fully present, so I’m finishing this post early and scheduling it for delivery on Wednesday as usual.


If anything newly terrible has happened in the world by the time you get this, making the idea of a chatty newsletter seem utterly tone-deaf, then: 1) I’m so sorry and 2) perhaps we can consider this further proof that content needs to remain an essentially human enterprise?


On May 24th, before it was sent out by MailChimp, I was able to delete the rest of this post and replace it with this note:

Originally this post went on to discuss the ‘Good Jobs’ graphic we’ll release later this month and our experiments with ROWE. But then I learned that something newly terrible had in fact happened: another devastating school shooting. So I’ve cut all that and instead I’ll just offer this: scheduled content is very risky. I’m all for using various publishing tools, but I’ve never seen a successful content strategy that isn’t profoundly human.

May we all spend Wednesday contemplating how to make this mad, mad world safer, especially for those who are most vulnerable. As for me, I’m with Steve.


Photo by Robbie Noble on Unsplash