Two Quick Things from the Road

May 10, 2023
Kate Walton

Hello from Steyer!

I’m on the road, so just two quick things—one practical, one philosophical:


The Practical
Next Wednesday, May 17th at 6 pm PT, Steyer COO Katelyn Reilly and I will be giving an online talk: Generative AI Goes Mainstream: What Does It Mean for Content Professionals? We’re grateful to Lin Laurie and the Society for Technical Communication (STC) for hosting us, and we’re looking forward to thinking out loud in the company of kindred spirits. Please register and join in!

The Philosophical
A funny thing happened recently: I got an email from a young man in Australia who is trying to figure out what kind of career to pursue after leaving his first corporate job. What he described as a “slightly hopeless Google search: ‘careers for skeptics'” had somehow turned up a piece I wrote more than ten years ago. We ended up connecting over Teams, and we talked for a bit about what makes certain work roles—and certain work environments—feel like a fit vs. not.

Why do I share this lovely but random encounter? Because in my view, we humans are prone to binary thinking: “them, us”...”haves, have nots”...even “employers, employees.” The reality, I think, is that we’re all far more interdependent, and that we have much more in common, than we realize. For one thing: we’re all changing all the time (even I don’t wholly agree with 2012 Kate!). For another: we’re all searching. ALL OF US.

As we find our way, individually and collectively, there’s enormous value in connecting across imagined boundaries, and I’m grateful to each of you who keep engaging with me, here and elsewhere. Thank you!


Photo by Malcolm Lightbody on Unsplash