Vision and Revision

Mar 13, 2024
Kate Walton


Most companies (even big ones) do not turn 30, but at Steyer this milestone birthday will be here before we know it: 2025 will mark the start of our fourth decade in business.

When the time comes, I’m sure we’ll find some fun ways to celebrate, but first we’re doing the heavy lifting: taking a good, hard look at the vision and operating principles that have guided us for most of the last decade and updating them as needed.


This important work is being driven by our Co-CEOs, who will report out soon.

In the meantime, here’s what I know:

1. I am as motivated as ever by our ‘good jobs’ mission. (“If you weren’t,” joked a soulless but dear finance friend of mine, “you’d have put all your money in Nvidia by now.”)

2. The market’s continued focus on “efficiency” (read: spending cuts) is creating intense pressure on our cost structure.

3. If anyone can solve the puzzle that is Making Good Jobs Sustainable in an Increasingly Price-Sensitive World, it’s these two.

Stay tuned!


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Photo by Maria Teneva on Unsplash