What Grounds You?

Mar 1, 2023
Kate Walton

Hello from Steyer!

Last time I went long, so this time I’ll be brief:

Finding calm in trying times is an art—a vital one.

I recently tried to relax with a scented candle and quickly realized yep that’s not who I am.

Who I am, apparently, is someone who owns their own small laminator, which has pride of place in my office. When I land on something that feels enduringly true, I write it on a Post-It...and seal it in hot plastic.


Many of my extremely digital colleagues find this odd (imagined razzing: “Where do you store these gems, Kate? In your Trapper Keeper???”). But personally I find it enormously soothing to be able to hold in my hands, protected from the elements, the OPs (operating principles) that have helped us, year in and year out, to choose The Next Right Thing.

What about you? How do you ground yourself as the sands keep shifting beneath you? I’d love to hear!


Photo by Steyer Content