Waving Hello!

Jan 4, 2023
Kate Walton

Hello from Steyer!

In the next installment, I’ll be back with some original content, kicking off the new year with my thoughts on ChatGPT, the chatbot rumored to replace us all. As for today: I’m up to my neck in profoundly human tasks, so I’ll leave you with two things:

Kate Headshot 6

1. ChatGPT’s response to my question, “Please summarize Kate Walton’s newsletter called “Workings,” which is published on Steyer Content’s website.”

2. Last year’s posts, organized in a Q&A format. Most of what I wrote in 2022 was prompted by questions I received—from our talent, candidates, and clients—so for those who like to poke around based on subject matter vs. publication date, this might be a useful list.

I look forward to connecting with you as we all continue to navigate this brave, new world of ours.

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What is ‘Workings’?

What are your values? What is your vision?
Our mission
More on our mission
A bit of history
What people crave
Teams are not ‘families’
More on teams not being ‘families’
On listening

Where are you on DEI?
2022 update
Note: we have new data to share, captured at the end of 2022. We’ll publish this within the next week.

Why does your DEI program involve monthly chats?
On professional loneliness

What are your thoughts on working remotely (and/or asynchronously)?
On connection
On the risks of scheduled content
ROWE myths
On social media

What qualities do you look for in candidates?
Five must-haves

Any other advice for job hunters?
Portfolio Tips
Portfolio Tips, Part 2

How exactly do you operate?
W-2 vs. 1099
Revenue allocation
Unicorns, bluebirds, and silver dragons
Contracting vs. managed work

What kind of a year are you having?
A complicated one
In praise of managed work
The pain is real
On persevering

Can I have a glimpse of the team?
The Great Emoji Debate

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