Conference video and run-of-show


AWS OpenSearch

August 2022 – present

With less than a month until OpenSearchCon—the inaugural meetup for AWS OpenSearch partners, developers, maintainers, and contributors—the AWS team needed support with event production and management. Bar-raising was the goal, which meant elevating attendee experience beyond a standard developer event and giving fun, unique content to create the appropriate atmosphere. 

Over the next few weeks, Steyer’s creative project manager helped ideate, brainstorming different graphical assets with the AWS OpenSearch team to serve as a coherent throughline creating a consistent look and feel from start to finish. This included building more than twenty unique motion graphic videos, which welcomed delegates, introduced sessions, highlighted sponsors and contributors, and helped segue to breaks, meals, and networking time. 

Once the conference’s graphics package was complete, Steyer’s event manager oversaw the run-of-show. This proved to be an invaluable contribution, not only keeping the program on-time and correctly sequenced, but also helping to troubleshoot technical difficulties at the venue.  

During morning setup, it became clear that the venue had not correctly wired the stage, which would have made it impossible to display presentations, video packages, or allow speakers to click through slides. Fortunately, Steyer’s event manager brought their own equipment and was able to quickly route cables and displays, giving the AWS OpenSearch team the exact conference experience they were looking for. 


For Steyer’s part, we:  

  • Designed and produced 20+ brand-specific motion graphics and videos, including specialized assets, like hand-drawn caricatures of client stakeholders
  • Built assets for unique display ratios, including a 100-ft cyclorama wall, along with several sequenced monitors 
  • Completed all work in three weeks, with one week dedicated to building proofs and boards, the remaining two weeks allotted to motion graphic production and revision 
  • Managed onsite run-of-show, including diagnosing and resolving technical issues at the venue, rerouting the venue’s distribution box, fixing the cable configuration, and installing a wireless clicker for presenters 

Our team loves taking on live event projects. Please reach out to us directly if you’d like to learn more about how Steyer can help transform your conference or gathering into a fantastic experience.