Site publication management


Microsoft, Inside Track

August 2020 to present

Inside Track highlights and showcases technical aspects that power, protect, and transform Microsoft, including innovations in software, hardware, processes, and governance. A large shift in the organization created gaps in production and process. Certain tasks weren’t being completed with the same standards and timeliness as expected, including publication management. This resulted in critical Inside Track publication items going untouched and unedited for months.  

Microsoft brought Steyer in to augment operations, reducing the burden on the new Inside Track team while also getting publication management back online. This involved carefully examining the site’s backlog of content, analyzing the various systems and workflows used for hosting, and identifying how to best manage publication on Inside Track moving forward. 

  • Performed a content audit on the Inside Track website 
  • Created a content strategy plan  
  • Curated the content suite and landing pages to align with Inside Track’s current blueprint and vision 
  • Connected with subject-matter experts to review, provide feedback, and build content to fill gaps 
  • Optimized backend data management to better track and tag published content on the site 
  • Managed the PowerApp controlling how content interfaces with Azure Cosmos, WordPress, and RedTiger