Scalable managed copyediting service



March 2019 – present

Amazon Web Services, the largest provider of on-demand cloud computing in the world, crafts and publishes a variety of blogs for different members of the tech community. These posts, which focus on sharing updates, tutorials, and best practices with an external audience of engineers and developers, require a quick turnaround, typically same or next day. 

Every post needs to be reviewed for consistency, voice, and accuracy. To accommodate the large volume of content across several channels, AWS engaged Steyer to build a system for managing the copyediting workflow. This managed copyediting service helps both AWS and Steyer, as authors can submit posts without losing crucial visibility and Steyer can easily scale in response to a large influx of edit requests.


This managed copyediting service includes:

  • A singular, scalable service for managing copyediting workflow for over 20 different blog channels within Smartsheet, giving the client and project managers traceability and visibility 
  • A bench of cross-trained editors, each qualified to take on volume depending on client need 
  • Tracking project status, including deadlines, to maintain 1–2-day turnaround 
  • Performing an average of 10-20 blog posts per week  
  • Adhering to Amazon style and channel-specific guides while maintaining records and tracking channel requirements

You can reach out to us directly if you’d like to learn more about setting up a scalable managed service. We’re happy to hear about your situation and provide relevant samples along with any information about how Steyer would approach your specific needs.

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