Recommendation knowledge base refresh


Microsoft FastTrack for Dynamics 365 Success by Design

April 2022 – September 2022 

FastTrack for Dynamics 365 Success by Design is a customer enablement program, offering prescriptive guidance to Dynamics 365 customers, including implementation and gold-standard solution architecture. Part of the FastTrack framework includes a recommendation knowledge base, a collection of scenarios and advice to empower a successful deployment of Dynamics 365.​ 

With over 2,000 articles and growing, the Success by Design team engaged with Steyer to revitalize articles and scenarios to create better outcomes for users.​ 


For Steyer’s part, we:  

  • Reviewed and audited scenarios and knowledge base question categories, identifying opportunities for consolidation and revisions to improve reader search results 
  • Tracked common terminology and style guide updates specific to the Success by Design brand, creating consistency, including taxonomy, for future articles​ 
  • Worked closely with the FastTrack team to edit technical processes articles for consistency, clarity, voice, style, and accuracy​ 
  • Built out comprehensive workback schedule; organized knowledge base into a pilot and multiple waves of articles to focus on priorities and help manage the review process​ 
  • Performed edits through Visual Basic Studio using GitHub pull requests 

Steyer’s approach to knowledge base development enables teams of technical editors and strategists to quickly prioritize efforts, deploying best practices to improve outcomes for users and content owners. We’d be happy to show you how.