Event Filming and Audio Support


Microsoft, Windows 365

June 2022

In order to ready the field sales team with the best tools and information possible, Microsoft leverages a variety of collateral. Looking to document a speaking engagement at a well-known conference to be used as a training tool, Microsoft’s Windows 365 team hired Steyer to produce two short videos for the sales team. This meant bringing in a crew to capture compelling footage along with clean audio along with managing the post-production cycle. 

During the first session, the conference’s microphones began to fail. With the venue’s contracted audio engineer at a separate location, Steyer’s sound designer stepped in to find the source of the interference, removed the incompatible microphone, and adjusted the setup to better utilize the space. 

As a result, not only did conference attendees have a better experience, the audio Steyer captured in the two videos was of the highest quality. 


For Steyer’s part, we:  

  • Worked closely with Microsoft and the conference producer to design a filming plan that would not disrupt conference attendees while still capturing high-quality visuals 
  • Brought in equipment appropriate for the final deliverable while still being respectful of the client’s budget 
  • Managed an onsite team of three camera operators and one sound designer 
  • Completed post-production for the two 30-minute videos, including sound design and motion graphics, in under two weeks