Content Audit and Gap Analysis


September 2021 to January 2022, a freemium self-publishing platform and blogging service owned by Automattic, Inc., sees over 77 million new posts each month from personal, business, and eCommerce sites. To support this wide array of users, publishes multiple blog posts throughout the week covering best practices for optimizing a website, improving traffic, and taking advantage of the platform’s robust features and functions.  

Over time, however, the volume of posts expanded so rapidly on that the content ecosystem became difficult to evaluate and manage. Older posts would contradict newer, more relevant information. Certain aspects of publishing were overrepresented in their content library, creating large variances in the amount of available knowledge resources. 

To improve the quality of content and narratives available to users, engaged Steyer to perform a full content audit and gap analysis.


For Steyer’s part, we:  

  • Assigned a content strategist to review the client’s entire archive, over 900 posts 
  • Evaluated content based on subject matter, audience, length, age, accessibility, traffic, SEO score, and relevancy 
  • Performed a content gap analysis across’s blogs to identify areas of opportunity to improve the company’s mission, process, and value proposition 
  • Reported findings in an itemized way, visualized through PowerBI to catalogue the content landscape into tangible terms, helping the client to reach measurable conclusions 
  • Provided best practices and improvements to be implemented, including a list of blog posts to be retired, consolidation and new taxonomy for tags, and voice and style guide changes to create consistency  

Feel free to drop us a line. We’re happy to share how Steyer can investigate and improve your content environment. Our strategists are efficient and know how to find quick wins, prescribe critical best practices, and navigate long-term objectives.