Site Optimization


Adobe Inc., Photoshop Elements 

10 months 

Adobe Photoshop Elements, a consumer-grade graphics editor used by photographers and hobbyists around the world, was designed for a different audience than Photoshop’s professional user base.  

Looking to migrate, refresh, and optimize its web presence, the Photoshop Elements team brought in Steyer to produce the new site. Visitors to the website were experiencing some confusion around the product and Adobe’s other offerings, including cost and licensing. The client needed help improving the user experience so that customers would have an easier time engaging with the content.  

  • Developed a new site template and redesigned site content to improve user experience, including a new aesthetic that aligned with the needs and interests of targeted users 
  • Improved clarity around product offerings and payment options 
  • After emphasizing user experience updates and improved messaging, engagement and conversion have elevated. The client saw a51% decrease in abandoned carts and 5% improvement to conversion rate. 
  • Introduced user testing and analytics to better capture user activity 
  • Improved product distinction via information architecture, verified by user testing 
  • Updated content to improve media engagement and consumption; 33% increase in clicks 
  • Improved site credibility with the implementation of user testimonials, consumer reviews, and social media integration