Global User Research Video (4K and VR)


WhatsApp, 2019

Global private messaging application with an already-launched, 3-month, 3-continent user research initiative– and a last-minute need for our traditional & VR user research video services to replace outgoing vendor

Our role: Three-person video crew joined research team mid-trip for final three legs to capture insights and edit on-site, quick-turn footage of research takeaways for stakeholder review

  • Research-skilled video team coordinated closely with FTE researchers to capture and identify most important insights and b-roll footage; edited country or region videos on-site to client specification
  • Seattle-based team supported in-field video producers 24/7 for duration of engagement, with intensive briefs and debriefs and facilitation of in-field feedback cycles to align with client expectations
  • Project logistics included quick-turn international visa and second-passport procurement for team, short-notice flights and lodging to coordinate with FTE plans, equipment procurement and transport, highly confidential encrypted data management, and troubleshooting from a distance