HTML Email Campaign


Microsoft: Core Services and Engineering Group , 2019-2020

Objective and Responsibilities: Our team was tasked with writing, designing, and developing a 15-email marketing campaign, to be delivered as HTML and OFT files. Essential criteria included perfect alignment with Microsoft’s branding guidelines as well as CSEO’s org-specific brand asset use guidelines; we were also responsible for QAing all content for browser and email client compatibility before delivery. The client’s goals included boosting awareness and increasing their audience’s understanding of the org’s available resources and partnership.

Metrics and Results: We delivered the campaign on time, on budget, with praise from the client on our partnership with them in both creative and technical aspects of the engagement and on our delivery of pixel-perfect HTML and OFT files. Microsoft began deploying the campaign in early February, though full deployment has been put on hold due to communications concerns around COVID-19.