Technical Training and Documentation


Microsoft FastTrack, 2016-Ongoing

Microsoft’s global FastTrack team supports customers with eligible subscriptions to Microsoft’s cloud solutions (Azure, Microsoft 365, and Dynamics 365) as they implement, configure, and deploy those solutions. FastTrack’s engineers, managers, architects, migration managers, and partner success managers are provided with extensive and continuing readiness training via role-specific learning modules and continuous product updates.

We deliver: Accurate, up-to-date, engaging, and thorough e-learning content and product documentation/updates that equip thousands of FastTrack team members in 12 markets for success.

  • Each of the five ever-evolving and role-specific FastTrack learning paths include a 30-day onboarding plan and 70 hours of training material at Levels 100 and 200, with ~10 minute modules and knowledge checks or gamified quizlets after each topic.
  • Training material is localized for 12 markets; our team coordinates loc batch hand-offs, pick-ups, and organization, and manages scheduling of training around the world through FastTrack’s global readiness training calendar.
  • Our team’s documentation curation and continuously updated service descriptions supplement FastTrack’s e-learning content to support readiness around product feature releases and any changes in brand messaging or tooling recommendations.


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