For Steyer’s part, we:

  • Reviewed samples from across the Uber for Business knowledge base, returning guidance and best practices for an improved agent and administrative experience
  • Devised three proposed alternatives to help improve the content experience
    • “Bite-sized information”; a knowledge base with more entries, but shorter articles that are easier to navigate and update
    • “Table-setting”; an update to the existing article structure that used headers and a cleaner table of contents to improve site navigation
    • “Journalism 101”; a hybrid approach, where information is quickly summarized and site navigation allows agents to follow links for more information
  • Designed templates to help execute a consistent knowledge base revitalization at scale
  • Performed content revisions, checking for conciseness and coherence, while incorporating markup and plain text within the knowledge base for greater flexibility

This is one of several knowledge base projects Steyer has taken on. Reach out if you’re interested in hearing more about our approach to internal and external support content.