How we helped: 

  • Managed the creation of over 800 new product descriptions for thirteen different product ranges, formatted for Faire and Amazon platforms 
  • Completed all product descriptions in under eight weeks 
  • Developed a consistent tone and voice, one that is appealing to businesses and customers, for all product descriptions 
  • Worked with a variety of teams to verify all product weights, dimensions, and age requirements in listings 
  • Provided plain text and HTML versions of copy, all properly organized and readied for bulk upload

The success of this endeavor has resulted in an ongoing relationship with Toysmith. Steyer is now responsible for composing and readying Toysmith’s product descriptions for each seasonal release.

Our writers and project managers understand how to streamline workflows to quickly produce high quality content. This model reduces the management burden on our clients and allows us to easily scale up or add skillsets to projects.

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