For Steyer’s part, we:  

  • Assigned a content strategist to review the client’s entire archive, over 900 posts 
  • Evaluated content based on subject matter, audience, length, age, accessibility, traffic, SEO score, and relevancy 
  • Performed a content gap analysis across’s blogs to identify areas of opportunity to improve the company’s mission, process, and value proposition 
  • Reported findings in an itemized way, visualized through PowerBI to catalogue the content landscape into tangible terms, helping the client to reach measurable conclusions 
  • Provided best practices and improvements to be implemented, including a list of blog posts to be retired, consolidation and new taxonomy for tags, and voice and style guide changes to create consistency  

Feel free to drop us a line. We’re happy to share how Steyer can investigate and improve your content environment. Our strategists are efficient and know how to find quick wins, prescribe critical best practices, and navigate long-term objectives.